Sections Anywhere

Sections on Any Page

Not just the homepage.

Sections for Every Page of Every Theme

Customize any page, product, collection or blog post on your website with the Sections Anywhere app! Easily add your theme's sections, images, video, slideshows or any HTML content to individual pages, products, collections, and even blog posts. With just a few clicks, your store will be sporting fresh content to delight both customers and search engines.

Tell your brand story in cascading pages

Lookbooks, detailed product features, related products, size charts, product videos, and beyond; Sections Anywhere extends the standard content framework of your Theme Editor and allows you to publish rich product storytelling to your store's pages, products, collections and blog posts.

Are You a Developer?

Create your own custom content blocks and use Sections Anywhere to save JSON data in metafields. Allow content managers to upload images, choose products, or save array data to be used in your section template. With Sections Anywhere, you no longer need to hack store settings schema file to support custom content

New Features

February 11, 2020

- Duplicate sections

- Duplicate Blocks

- Favorite sections to be used as templates

- Show and hide sections

Sections Anywhere Testimonials

I highly recommend this app. It allows you to easily customize pages within your site. The support is exceptional. The cost is nominal compared to how custom you can make your site. It separates us for competitors and helps us sell more. Get it. You won't regret it.


The APP is great. It's super useful and easy to use.
The support is great. Anything that you need, they will answer and resolve it within the same day.
Highly recommended!


I've just started using this app and love it!! I had a little bit of a coding issue that Bryan resolved for us, and the coding issue had nothing to do with the Sections app. It was residual code leftover from a prior app that didn't work for us. Bryan went in, cleaned it up, and had us put together within 24 hours. Great service, great researching, spot on awesome app! Thank you!

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